Leica BOND RX is a fully automated stainer that enables high-throughput processing of tumor sections, and is compatible with a wide array of staining platforms (i.e., immune fluorescence, immune histochemistry, in situ hybridization, multiplex stainings etc.; see BOND-RX website for full description). With Leica, all technical steps are customizable, such as preparation (baking and dewaxing), antigen retrieval (incubation time and temperature), adding reagents (probe or antibody application), as well as staining conditions (incubation time, temperature, dispense type). Also, Leica enables execution of different protocols in an automated fashion to maximize assay viability in minimal time, and thanks to small volumes used, with minimal reagents. This equipment is central towards the automation of imaging of tumor tissues with Vectra 3.0, thereby reducing costs and variability and increasing viability and throughput.

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