• Write a short proposal that includes: name of researcher/PI; research question; synopsis of method, markers, type of tissue;and numbers of materials.
  • Send to: tme.facility@erasmusmc.nl
  • Proposal will be discussed by our team with respect to logistical merits (agenda of the equipment, necessary reagents and technical support).
  • Feedback with respect to feasibility and timelines and finance is given within 3-4 weeks after submission.
  • Once project is scheduled, experienced technicians will train researcher(s) with respect to the imaging and staining. Tissue finding algorithm is set up by technicians, and application of algorithm, extraction and analysis of data is performed by researcher(s), and checked/discussed with our team.
Price List updated 25 February 2020
Use of Vectra per hour€23.-
Technical support per hour*€40.-
Analysis support per hour*€45.-
Materials cost for usage of available panels:
Spectral library**€467.-
8-color multiplex staining per slide€65.-
8-color panel optimization for new tumor tissue€1120.-
Materials new/customized panel development:
Stress test per marker€387.-
Titration per marker€387.-
Validation for 10 slides€650.-

* Required assistance depends on the technical experience of the user and is to be discussed
** Also necessary for panel development