Vectra® 3.0 (Akoya Biosciences, Inc.) is an advanced imaging instrument, available at Be450 in Erasmus MC, that enables collection, visualization and quantification of multi-parameter immune stainings (up to 8 markers). Data is uniquely translated into ‘tissue-based cytometry’; in other words, Vectra® 3.0 yields data for multiple markers similar to flow cytometry while retaining tissue architectural context.

Key benefits of Vectra®:

  • Imaging bright field and fluorescence markers in tissues
  • Recognition and selection of morphologically distinct segments (in example, epithelium versus stroma) via inform tissue finder
  • Scoring of up to 8 markers simultaneously via multispectral imaging software
  • Automation of throughput
  • Quantitation and presentation of data at the level of organelle, cell and tissue

Our facility performs multiplex in situ immunofluorescence of formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) cancer tissues. Panels of fluorescently labeled antibodies will be used to characterize tumor and stromal cells. Tumor and stroma regions will be identified by selective staining, enabling sub-localization of immune cells within tumor tissues. Stained tissue samples will be scanned and digitilized, and analyzed and quantified by advanced image analysis algorithms. After data acquisition, images will be integrated into single files in which staining and architectural data is preserved, and which can be used for further analysis and presentation.